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our team

Assaph Neiger

Awesomeness Marketing Officer

I put the Awesome in Awesomeness. Hang on, I can do better than that!

Um, I put the Awe in Awesome! No, wait! let me try again!

Give me some-thing, and I'll make it an Awe-some thing! Eh?

Yes! Nailed it!

Nur Lee Harel

Chief Awesomeness Officer

Founder of EventHandler, communities Manager, international conferences organizer and producer, public speaker, proud cat-mom, and knows how to use the oxford comma.

Manon Headshot .jpg

Manon Metais

Head of NYC Awesomeness

Community operations manager, conference organizer, avid traveler and proud Burner.


Maya Liberman

Community Awesomeness Manager

a.k.a Mother of Juniors! Devoted to code, technology, and classical music.
A natural talent for making amazing things happen!

Carmel Baran

Community Awesomeness

Leader NYC

Serial Community builder and leader. Marketing and business development professional. Karaoke enthusiast, and Sushi eater.

Tali Leibowitz

Head of Biz Dev Awesomeness

Dog lover.
Oh, I'm also pretty great at Business Development and have vast experience in Marketing.

Ellen Best

Producer of Awesomeness

*(a.k.a Mama De La Smalla) *
Producer by day, fabulous drag queen by night. Champion of short distance coffee drinking.


Office Floor Manager

I sit on the floor.


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React & React Native-IL
JR Devs
~5,800 members
~4,200 members
A junior developers community 

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